Your Sports Gear Stinks
because it is Full of
some of which can make
you very sick.
Using the Best Product in the Industry, we can
Sanitize your Equipment.

The Problem

Wet equipment is a breeding ground for bacteria - the more they thrive, the stronger they smell.

The Bigger Problem

Some of that bacteria may be legitimately dangerous, and in some instances, life-threatening - including antibiotic-resistant MRSA, a type of severe staph infection.

Says Who?

The Center for Disease Control (CDC), Mayo Clinic, Dr. Oz, and every other medical authority.
MRSA infections have hit athletics at every level, from Little League to the NFL.

Why Sanitize?

Our SaniSport sterilization system
will eliminate your gear's stink
in an ozone gas chamber while

neutralizing and eliminating over
99.99% of the bacteria nested inside.

Pricing and Services

What started as a means for the employees at the Ann Arbor T-shirt Company to clean their hockey and hunting gear has now become a full equipment sanitizing service available to the public. From high school hockey pads to military riot gear, we can get your filthiest equipment sanitized quickly and thoroughly. If you have irregular gear not listed below, let us know and we will quote you!
Go to Sanitize Now! for instructions on how to schedule a cleaning.

Standard Kits $35.00

  • Hockey (Skater)
  • Lacrosse
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Hunting Outer Coat / Bibs & Boots

Non Standard Kits $40

  • Hockey (Goalie)

Bulk Prices

  • Pre-purchase five cleanings of any kind, take $5.00 off per cleaning
  • Pre-purchase ten cleanings of any kind, take $10.00 off per cleaning

Bulk pricing may be used for teams / need not be applied to one person's gear

How To Schedule a Sanitizing

To schedule a sanitizing, please fill out the form. Drop off your equipment at Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company on the date selected. Your gear will be ready for pick-up within two business days.

Drop Off Location:

Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company
2275 S Industrial Hwy
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 ‎

Office: 734-274-2659

Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm EST