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  • Miami Gymnastics

    By: Ricky,

    10 days

    Hannah Blubaugh is the Apparel Designer for the Miami University of Ohio Club Gymnastics Team. She contacted us looking for Miami University of Ohio licensed custom shirts that would work for her whole team, and a custom art team that would work with her to make sure the custom design turned out just right.

    Hannah wanted a two color print on the front of raglan shirts.

    What’s a raglan?

    • Raglan refers to the location of the seam. It means the seam will go diagonally across the shoulder, instead of vertically.
    • Sometimes called baseball tees
    • They come in a variety of sleeve options

    Full length (generally only when the sleeves are the same color as the body)

    ¾ length (Usually comes with contrast sleeves)

    Short sleeve

    Do raglans need to have different art?

    • Due to the diagonal seams, prints must either be narrower, or positioned lower on the shirt.
    • Differences in positioning between sizes may be more noticeable.

    Notice that this wide print is lower on the raglan than on the regular t-shirt. This same effect will happen on various sizes.

    Raglans are ideally suite for diamond shaped art. On Hannah’s order we were able to print the design very close to where we would have on a regular t-shirt.

    This is also important for unique names and numbers on the back of shirts. Notice how the name and number print is lower on the back of the raglan.

    Hannah chose the Canvas Unisex Three Quarter Sleeve Raglan

    • It is sized unisex (Makes ordering and distribution easier)
    • It is made with ringspun cotton (Makes the shirt more comfortable to wear)
    • It is priced about 10% lower than the American Apparel equivalent (Makes the order easier for everyone to pay for)

    What did Hannah think about it?

    I had a really awesome experience ordering apparel from Ann Arbor Tees. They worked with me a lot on making sure the design would look best and included me in the whole process. The turnaround was crazy fast and the price was great. I definitely will recommend Ann Arbor Tees to anyone needing an order done. They even put up a picture of my team in our shirts on their instagram!
    Hannah Blubaugh - Club Gymnastics Team Apparel Designer

    Thanks, Hannah! We were glad we could help! We offer a huge selection of garments (not just raglans) that are licensed with a ton of colleges (not just Miami) and offer more than screenprinting (also embroidery, applique, and transfers.) Contact us and we will be glad to help you with your own custom order.

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  • How to Order a Shirt: Part 8/99 - Let's Screen Print

    By: Nate,

    about 2 months

    We have many ways of taking bland, boring garments and turning them into something amazing. One of our most popular requests is for garments to be screenprinted, which is a complex process that has been around for over a century.

    Here at Ann Arbor T-shirt Company, we use automatic screen presses. These are big carousels that revolve the garments printing a different color or part of the design at each station. This is a big step up from our previous manual press where the operator had to swing different arms of the press into place to print each color. It was very limited my speed and amount of colors you could apply to a single garment. Our newest press is capable of printing 864 shirts an hour with up to 12 different colors!

    Is screen printing right for me?

    Screen printing is very versatile and can be done on a large amount of materials. Whether you need a few shirts for a family gathering or jerseys for your hockey team, we can handle pretty much anything you throw at us!

    Screen printing is cool because our artists separate your design into different colors, and each color gets its own screen. As the press revolves, each color is individually printed onto the shirt.

    Say you’ve got a custom design with a funky color. There’s no way we’d be able to accommodate, right? Never fear, because in addition to stock colors, we’re able to mix our own custom Pantone colors in-house.

    If you want to go outside of opaque colors, we can add solar changing ink to your design. Solar changing inks are light sensitive and will change from clear to color when introduced to an ultraviolet light source such as sunlight.

    You can also add a fun element to your design with glow in the dark ink, which is printed in a thin layer over existing colors to give your design a luminescent luster.


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  • Work We're Proud Of: The Inception Tee

    By: Jack,

    2 months

    Every year we are proud to contribute to the latest iteration of Ann Arbor T-shirt Company salesman Jack Koch’s opus, the Inception Tee. Jack and his friends take the same picture of their friend every year, wearing the last year’s photo printed on a t-shirt - incepting a glorious Russian nesting doll of “guy with a cigarette and alcohol” photos.

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  • How to Order a Shirt: Part 7/99 - Online Group Ordering - The easy way to order shirts for your group

    By: Nate,

    4 months

    Remember what a hassle it was when you ordered shirts for your office staff/baseball team/fraternity/insert your organization here? First you had to get everyone’s sizes and choice of shirt style, which took forever, especially when that one guy couldn’t make up his mind whether he wanted a long sleeve or short sleeve tee. Then the worst part - collecting the money! Several members of your organization conveniently “forgot” to bring you their money by the deadline, so you had to push back the order until they finally “remembered”. And finally, the shirts arrived, but you spent another hour of your precious time handing them out. Who knew ordering t-shirts could be so exhausting?

    Well, Ann Arbor T-shirt Company has a solution for you - and it’s called Online Group Ordering.

    All the hassle of being the contact person ordering for a large group is eliminated! The sizing/style collection? Gone! The money collection? Gone! Handing out the finished product? Gone!

    With group ordering technology, you - the contact person - tell us what you would like available to your group. You send us the design, the shirt styles you’d like to make available (our sales team will work with you in making these style decisions and talk pricing!), the deadline you’d like the garments by, and you’re pretty much done on your end! Our sales team will build a group order store for your organization via OrderMyGear, and send you the link to the online store to distribute to your group.

    Individuals ordering in your group then open the online store and choose among the offerings. We’ll make a mock-up of the garment(s) with the design you send us.

    Individuals will click on the chosen garment to see a front and a back view. They can then select the quantity they would like to order (we can limit this, if you’re just looking for one per person), and what size they would like to order. We can also add in other options here, such as color choice, and/or the option to add a name to the back of their shirt.

    Once all garments are selected, the individual goes to Checkout and reviews their order.

    When they’re satisfied with their cart, they can then click the big orange Checkout button to proceed with their order. Here is where some administrative options for you come in!

    • If your organization is paying for the order all together and money doesn’t need to be collected from individuals, then we don’t need to collect payment information here. However, if individuals are paying for their own shirts or other garments, we can absolutely have them pay for them individually upon checkout, eliminating the hassle of you collecting money from everyone.
    • We also have the option of shipping orders to individuals if you prefer to not have to hand them out, and we would collect customer address information here for that. Or, if you prefer to pick them all up for your group, we can certainly make that happen as well.

    Once all necessary information is collected, the individual reviews their information and submits. Easy as the click of a button! And you personally didn’t have to do anything but make the initial phone call to Ann Arbor T-shirt Company to set it up.

    Individuals of your organization will have until the posted deadline to place the order. If your group order is going to be ongoing (for an office, for example, you might want the garments to always be available, and people can order whenever they want to), we can certainly accommodate that and leave the deadline open-ended.

    Finally, we also have the option to make the group order a fundraiser if you’re looking to make commission on the order as well. In this case, garment prices may be raised slightly, but we can indicate on our end that you get a certain percentage of each garment sold.

    Too good to be true? Absolutely not! Find out for yourself by contacting our sales team at or filling out the form on the right to get started on your group order today!

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  • The Perks of Being Part of the Ann Arbor Tees Family

    By: Nate,

    5 months

    While Ann Arbor T-shirt Company is not a union shop (though we do sell union-made shirts and Made in USA shirts!), taking care of our employees is a priority! In addition to ensuring that Ann Arbor Tees is a fun, productive, and food-filled place to work, we further make sure that our employees' voices are heard and their ideas make an impact.

    Some of the perks of being employed at Ann Arbor T-shirt Company include:

    Company-Provided Lunch Every Day

    You never go hungry at Ann Arbor Tees! Lunch is catered from local restaurants every day. Some of our favorites include Barry's Bagels, Lucky's Kitchen, Moe's Southwest Grill, the Arena Sports Bar and Grill, Jamaican Jerk Pit, and Hungry Howies to name a few.

    Popsicles on Hot Days

    It gets hot in the warehouse on sunny, summer days. Our solution? An endless supply of popsicles. And a fancy new ice machine!

    Five-Hour Energy Drinks, Coffee, and Tea

    Printing t-shirts can be exhausting. That's why we have a vast amount of caffeine to feed our employees' thirst. Endless coffee, tea, and five-hour energy drinks await employees in the kitchen.

    Free Vitamins

    With the amount of germs that inevitably enter the workplace, we like to make sure everyone stays as healthy as possible. We offer free vitamins and Emergen-C for employees any time they would like. Taking vitamins is even on the sales team's daily meeting agenda!

    401k Program

    Employees who stay with Ann Arbor Tees for at least a year are eligible to contribute to our 401k plan, with generous company matching.

    Company Sports Teams

    Ann Arbor T-shirt Company employees like to stay active outside of the office. In addition to our company kickball team, the Kenny Katnadoes (pictured below), employees also enjoy being on, or cheering on, our company soccer team.

    Fun Company Parties

    Ann Arbor T-shirt Company knows how to throw a party! Some of our annual parties include a Summer Kick-off BBQ, Halloween Party, and Holiday Party. Event t-shirts, beer, and inflatables included!

    Flexible Scheduling

    We understand that our employees have commitments outside of work. Some have classes and schoolwork, some have sports, some have family commitments. If they're the right person for the position, we'll work around their schedule.

    Stand-Up Desks

    The physical health of our employees is important, and sitting at a desk all day is bad for health, energy, and mood. Using a stand-up desk has been linked to boosted productivity, increased energy levels, and decreased back pain and health risk. Most of our stand-up desks actually raise and lower, so employees do have the option to sit when they need a rest.

    Discounts on Custom and Retail Apparel, and Free Ann Arbor Tees Apparel

    We offer our employees stellar discounts on custom designed apparel as well as on all of our retail designs. And though there's no dress code at Ann Arbor Tees, on any given day, an overflowing handful of employees will be proudly sporting the t-shirt tree logo on their shirt.

    Management Office Hours

    Each week, someone from management holds "office hours" in the break room, a three hour period that anyone can stop by and visit (on the clock!) and give suggestions, talk about problems, and chat about anything that comes to mind.

    And there are usually snacks!

    Suggestion Box

    For employees wishing to remain anonymous with their suggestions, we have a suggestion box that they may contribute to anonymously at any time. These suggestions are read at a monthly meeting, and if feasible, steps are taken to fulfill the suggestion.

    Employee of the Month & Caught Being Good Awards

    We do hold our employees to a high standard, and we feel that those who go above and beyond should be rewarded! Each month, a "Minion of the Month" is chosen and awarded with gift cards, a reserved parking spot, caricature of themselves, and a free t-shirt.

    Think you would like to work at the Ann Arbor T-shirt Company? Take a look at our hiring page or fill out the attached application!

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  • I Don't Want No Scrubs (unless they're from Ann Arbor Tees)

    By: Rachel,

    5 months

    Do you work in the medical field or are in a career that requires you to wear scrubs on a regular basis? Want to match with the rest of your unit and get branded apparel, but need to wear scrubs on the job? Love your scrubs so much that you’d like a personalized, embroidered set? Look no further - Ann Arbor Tees’ custom embroidered scrubs are the perfect solution for you! We offer a wide variety of customizable scrubs and medical apparel in almost every color imaginable, with brands and price points for every budget. Brands include Cherokee, Dickies, Grey’s Anatomy, Barco, and Red Kap.


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  • New Ring Security Services Shirt for Wedding Season

    By: Jerry,

    6 months

    Selfless sentinels. Noble guardians. Lots of phrases come to mind when you think of the three foot tall wedding ring security officers putting their safety on the line everywhere, all summer, to make sure that the bands make it to the alter. We’ve designed this special take on the tuxedo t-shirt just for them, complete with printed “Ring Security Services” badge on the lapel.


    Tags: #Ring bearers, #selfless sentinels, #noble guardians, #wedding ring security officers, #tuxedo t-shirt, #wedding season
  • How to Order a Shirt: Part 6/99 - Online Design Studio, the Fastest Way to Get a Custom T-shirt

    By: Nate,

    6 months

    Today, we get away from our usual topics that talk about how you are going to decorate your shirt (The Decoration Decision), how the shirt is going to fit you (Fit To Be Worn), and what you are going to wear (What’s in a T-shirt?). We will tackle something more essential to a t-shirt order than anything else. This is the very “fabric” of the t-shirt order - You, your group, and how you place your order.

    With you in mind, we have partnered with other companies to bring you the easiest, fastest, most efficient ways to order custom apparel depending on what you need.


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  • Jay Leno's Garage Favorites Franco's European's Damiano and Franco Barbuscia Select Ann Arbor Tees as Their Merchandising Team Partners

    By: Chantal,

    6 months

    With over 1.5 million youtube views for just 2 episodic appearances, father and son Damiano and Franco Barbusica, affectionately known as "The Carfather," and comedian and car enthusiast Jay Leno's go to Supercar mechanics, have selected Ann Arbor Tees, as their Merchandising Partners!

    Franco Barbuscia, "The Carfather", appears on episodes of the popular Jay Leno's Garage web series, and the moniker has spawned an upcoming series of its own. A long-time friend of the Barbuscia family, Mimma, Rosa, Damian and Franco, Jay's comfort level with Franco is an important aspect in the ongoing relationship with the Barbuscia Family!

    With Jay's jump to CNBC last year, the comedian will begin a second season in the coming months. Will our new friends at Franco's European Supercar Experts, Damian and Franco Barbuscia, make the jump to TV as well? Stay tuned and take this opportunity to purchase BRAND NEW GEAR from Franco, Damian, Mimma and Rosa, the Barbuscia family, as they expand their empire on "The Carfather."

    Damiano Barbuscia said, "We're so excited about our new friends at Ann Arbor Tees jumping in and making our new Merchandising items available to our customers and fans. Thanks Ann Arbor Tees!"

    Watch Damiano and Franco The Carfather on Jay Leno's Garage Season 2 Debut Episode on CNBC June 15th at 10pm Eastern and Pacific Time!

    Check out Franco's webstore to get shirts and hats that were featured on the show and be sure to visit the Ann Arbor Tees facebook page and blog for more information!

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  • Custom Hockey Jerseys: The Stylish Team Will Always Win!

    By: Jack,

    6 months

    Have you ever wondered why the Mighty Ducks were so terrible at the beginning of the first movie? I have, and I believe that I know the answer. They sucked because they had awful jerseys.They were a bunch of mismatched cake eaters. It’s no coincidence that the Ducks went from last place in district 5 to first place immediately after they got bitchin’ team jerseys. What I learned watching that movie, is that hockey is less about puck control and skating skills and more about wearing matching jerseys and socks.

    Just because you play in the D league, it doesn’t mean you have to dress like it.

    Be a winner like these guys!

    Now that you know how your team can win, you are probably wondering where you can get some bitchin’ hockey jerseys. Well, if you are reading this, you are almost in the right place. Here at the Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company, we specialize in bitchin’ hockey equipment. By sending an email to our sales staff ( we can help outfit you and your team with the latest and greatest hockey apparel. Our art team would love to work with you to make the perfect custom logo.To help your team win, we offer anything from basic practice jerseys to special order Reebok Edge jerseys. If drinking on the bench is your thing, we even have sweatshirts with coozies built in.

    Check out that bottle opener!

    Now that you know where to get your jerseys, you are probably wondering what kind of jerseys you want? Do you want a pro-style jersey? Hell yes you do! Here at Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company, we can get any pattern you want. If they don’t have your colors, you better believe we can have custom jerseys made!

    If your current team isn’t winning championships on the ice, it is most likely because you are not wearing the right jerseys. Once you decide you’d like to win that A-League championship, check out and send us an email! We’d love to make you the next great hockey team!

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