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  • Our cheesiest shirt EVER

    By: Stefan,

    8 days

    “You know what people like, Christina?” said Jerry. There was an air of arrogance about him as he entered the artists’ corner of the office, clutching his weekly list of prompts for the Ann Arbor T-shirt Company’s design team.

    “Cheese?” offered the artist, sketching away on her pad.

    “Well yeah, but I was gonn - yeah…” Jerry sighed, and slid his list into the recycling bin. “I like your answer better.”

    “What were you going to say?” asked Christina.

    “Nevermind, I hate it now. We’re going with cheese. One cheese shirt to rule them all...”

    Want one for yourself? You can buy the women’s lightweight terry fleece pullover here or the unisex ringspun cotton t-shirt here! Both are Amazon Prime eligible!

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  • Already have a resume? Excellent! But don't hit send just yet!

    By: Stefan,

    11 days

    Perhaps you have applied to one or more jobs previously, and already have a resume. That’s great news, and surely will make your life easier so you are not building a resume from scratch.

    However, there’s a good chance that your resume isn’t quite ready for Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company HR’s eyes just yet. There are a few simple steps you should follow before sending in your already-complete resume:

    1. Update your education and experiences.

    Perhaps you used your resume to apply for a job back in high school or college, but you’ve probably done a lot since then! Think about all the work, volunteer, and educational experiences you have had since you last updated your resume and add them to your list of accomplishments. All of your experiences are important, but we do want to know what you have been doing recently.

    This might mean that along with adding your new experiences, you should omit your high school dog-walking job or your lawn-mowing job for the neighbors, since recently, you’ve held more relevant positions.

    Include the highest level of education that you have completed. If you’ve completed any degree past a high school diploma or GED, you might want to omit your high school education from your resume - it’s implied that you completed high school, and where you went to high school is not going to make a difference to our hiring decision.

    2. Check your objective.

    If you do choose to include an objective on your resume, it may be outdated or irrelevant to your application to Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company.

    For example, if you had used your resume to get a summer job scooping ice cream, your objective undoubtedly reflects your love for ice cream. If you forget to change your objective to reflect your love of t-shirts instead of ice cream, your application will likely not be seriously considered.

    3. Update your address and contact information.

    No longer living at your parents house in Ohio? Update your address! When we see that you live in another state and do not indicate your plans to move in your cover email, we’ll be a bit wary of your seriousness in applying.

    Double check that your email address and phone number are correct. These are our two gateways of contacting you, and if they are not correctly written on your resume, our correspondence may be lost before it begins.

    4. Check that all information you have included is relevant.

    If you cannot draw upon an example from a previous experience that you are including in your resume to show us that you are an excellent fit for the company, you probably shouldn’t include it. Think about examples related to work ethic, teamwork, positive attitude in the face of a challenge, ability to pick processes up quickly, etc. when thinking about whether or not your experiences are relevant.

    5. Spell check!

    Remember, attention to detail is one of the most important qualities we look for in a candidate. Typos on your resume indicate that attentiveness to detail may not be your forte.

    Even if you have used your current resume to apply for another job before (and perhaps even landed the job!), we recommend that you follow these steps and make the necessary edits. It’s important that your resume is catered towards your interest in working at Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company.

    Just as if you were building a resume from scratch, put it down for a night or two, and read over it with a fresh pair of eyes once you are done editing. You might consider asking a friend to look it over as well. When you feel comfortable with your work, then you’re ready to send it in! Check out the next blog post for details on when to apply. And visit this link when you are ready to apply!

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  • No Resume? No Problem! Creating a Stellar Resume

    By: Stefan,

    14 days

    No Resume? No Problem! Creating a Stellar Resume

    A resume is a paper snapshot of your experiences and accomplishments, and is the pathway to your interview - If you don’t look good on paper, we’ll never get to meet you in person, despite your awesome personality.

    No resume? No problem! Here’s how you make one.

    1. Begin by gathering the basic information that you would like to include on your resume. Think education. Think employment. Think volunteer opportunities and extracurricular activities. You’ll want to have the dates handy that you went to school, worked in various positions, and participated in various events. Get this information all down on paper, so it will be simple to organize.

    2. Next, organize your thoughts into a resume template. There’s no one ‘right’ way to organize your resume - different people will tell you various things that you should include (e.g., some may recommend a section for Skills or Publications) and in what order to include them. A rule of thumb is to include what is relevant for the job you want.

    A basic way to organize is with the following headings:

    Basic Information

    This should be at the very top of your resume and stand out (and does not need to be a formal heading). Put your name large and in bold, and include your address and contact information (phone number and email).


    Include 1-2 sentences explaining what kind of job experience you are looking for. E.g., Seeking an opportunity to utilize my knowledge of printing technology to and grow in a company that shares my passion for apparel.

    Some people nix this section - it is not absolutely necessary, but is another opportunity to express your interest in our company or a specific position.


    Indicate where you attended (or perhaps currently attend) school, your graduation date or expected graduation date, your major or concentration area and minor if you have one, your GPA, and any academic honors and awards you have received.

    If you are in or have graduated from college or an institute of higher learning, it may not be necessary for you to include your high school education in this section, but it is up to you whether you prefer to include it or not.

    Work Experience

    This will likely be the heart of your resume. For each job you have held, you will want to include the company or organization name, your job title, and the dates you worked. Your work experiences should be listed in order, most recent to least recent. You will also want to include 3-4 bullet points about your responsibilities and results of your work for each position you held.

    Use action words, and be specific and measurable with your bullet points. Perhaps you used to work as an ice cream scooper. To explain your role on your resume, you might write:

    • Gave customers ice cream and made them happy.

    But this is not specific or measurable, nor does it show action. Instead, write:

    • Scooped ice cream cones for 50-100 customers daily, resulting in 100% customer satisfaction.

    If you’ve held numerous jobs, you may consider not including all of them. Include the 2-3 most recent positions you have held, and then choose which others to include based on relevance to obtaining a job at Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company.

    Oppositely, if you have not had any work experience, this does not mean you will not be considered for a position. We understand that you have to start somewhere, and we’re willing to give you that shot, as long as you shine in other areas of your resume!

    Volunteer/Extracurricular Activities

    Have you participated in any events or activities that make you stand out from others? Here we want to see your leadership experience, and take a peek into your values and interests. Also, we do sell to groups - volunteer and extracurricular. Connections that may help us win a new customer make you valuable to Sales.

    You can create your own resume template on a basic word processing program, or to really simplify things, you can download a basic template from the internet and fill in your information (simply Google ‘Resume Template’ - your options will be countless). Some word processing programs, such as Microsoft Word, have pre-made templates for resumes as well that you may find helpful for organization.

    3. Once you have your thoughts typed up and organized, put your resume away for a night or two. You’ve undoubtedly been working on it for several hours, and will have more to contribute once you look at it with a fresh pair of eyes.

    4. With well-rested eyes, read through your resume again. Does everything sound okay? Perhaps you should reword that bullet point that sounds awkward. Are there any egregious typos? Make edits as you deem necessary.

    5. Send it off to a couple people you trust to give you honest feedback (maybe not your mom if you already know she will tell you it looks great no matter what it says). Take a look at the feedback they give you, and seriously consider it. If something is confusing to them or difficult to read, there’s a good chance it may be confusing to us here at Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company as well. Again, make any edits that you deem necessary.

    6. Finalize it. There is a good chance that you’ll never completely ‘love’ your resume. You could work on it for countless hours and still not be satisfied. Once you feel that it is excellent, send it in! More details on how to go about this in an upcoming post.

    We want to hear from you! Send in your resume to after applying here!! Or keep following our blog to find out how to craft the perfect email to send with your resume.

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  • Should I apply to Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company?

    By: Stefan,

    30 days

    The first step in applying for a job at Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company is to determine both if the company is a good fit for you, as well as if you are a good fit for the company.

    Not everyone shares our love for cotton or our enthusiasm for custom apparel. But for those who do, you may just be an excellent match for us.

    Before applying to Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company, ask yourself:

    Is Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company a good fit for me?

    Here is what we can offer you:

    • A fun atmosphere and youthful company culture. (Did you know we have 3 dogs that work in the office daily?!)
    • Flexible hours that fit your schedule. Daytime, evening, and weekend shifts are available during the holiday season, as is your choice between part-time and full-time work.
    • Learning opportunities. Never printed before? Don’t sweat it! No experience is necessary - we will train you on all of the processes and technology you need to manage.
    • Free lunch daily and discounts on apparel! Not to mention, plenty of Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company apparel for your wardrobe.
    • An endless supply of popsicles for hot days. It gets hot in the warehouse, so we like to keep our workers cool!
    • Opportunities for growth and permanent positions for the right candidates. The best seasonal employees may be offered permanent positions for the following year.

    If this sounds like a place you might like to work, then proceed to asking yourself:

    Do you have what we are looking for?

    We want employees who:

    • Work efficiently and produce quality.
    • Consistently exhibit a positive attitude.
    • Pay close attention to detail.
    • Follow standard procedures, and make suggestions for improvement.
    • Work as part of a team.
    • Are able to work independently.
    • Are reliable (always come to work, and always come on time!).
    • Can lift at least 50 pounds.
    • Can stand for a 10 hour shift. *Not all of our shifts are this lengthy, but when things ramp up during the holidays, you may experience a few extra-long shifts!
    • Have availability at least 3 days M-F.

    If you believe yourself to be an excellent fit, then we absolutely want to hear from you! Check out our next blog post to find out how to get your resume in order! If you feel 100% ready and eager to work at the Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company, visit here to apply today!

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  • How to land a job at Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company - Overview

    By: Stefan,

    about 1 month

    Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company is often looking for general production help, especially in the latter half of the year. The holiday season is our busiest time of year, and we hire seasonal workers to assist us with the production process. Available work ranges from receiving and inventorying garments to printing garments to folding, bagging, and boxing them for customers.

    Other types of work periodically become available as well, such as sales, campus representative, and art and proofing positions. However, there is no timeline for when these types of positions will be open. Consider applying for and starting as a general production worker, as we often hire for higher level positions like these from within-house.

    There are a few steps you should follow to land your dream job at Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company:

    Step 1: Apply!

    If you feel you’d be a good fit for us, we would love to hear from you! Your resume will be the heart of your application to Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company, and our Human Resources team will notify you if we would like to set up an interview.

    Step 2: Ace the inverview.

    You’ve made it through the round of resume cuts. This means we were impressed with you on paper, and now we want to meet you in person. Show up on time, dress to impress, and ‘wow’ us with your insightful experiences.

    Step 3: Accept the offer.

    Congratulations! You’ve been offered a job at Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company. If you still feel, after your interview and getting a taste of the Ann Arbor Tees atmosphere, that this is the place for you, simply let us know, “Yes! I’ll take the job!”

    Step 4: Begin working.

    Your first day will consist of a bundle of paperwork, an introduction to the handbook, safety training, and a tour of the facility. Once you’re oriented, you will go over standard procedures and begin training.

    Step 5: Make it permanent

    There’s a good chance you were on-boarded as a seasonal employee. However, there is opportunity for permanent employment following the holiday season - continue to impress us with your work ethic, teamwork, concern for the customer, and positive attitude, and you may just be asked to stay on.

    Follow our blog to see how to ace each of these steps in depth or if you are ready to apply, visit this link today!

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  • Live Event Case Study: Spies are Forever

    By: Ricky,

    about 2 months

    Recently Ann Arbor Tees Retail Partner the Tin Can Brothers" successfully kickstarted their first live musical, Spies Are Forever. They approached us with the desire to have merchandise that touched on the "spy theme" of the show.

    One of the themes for the merchandise is "Hidden Messages", so for the show poster we did a screen printed poster with a glow in the dark hidden message

    The poster in daylight

    The poster in darkness

    We also did a piece of apparel with a hidden message, however instead of being glow in the dark, we used light sensitive ink that would change color in sunlight.

    The Tank Top Indoors

    The Tank Top in Sunlight, revealing a hidden message

    Their fan base has always been known to be fond of sunglasses, so we gave them a Tin Can Brothers makeover.

    The Tin Can Brother Sunglasses feature a "mustache disguise" and were pad-printed here in Ann Arbor, MI

    The Tin Can Brother Sunglasses feature a "mustache disguise" and were pad-printed here in Ann Arbor, MI

    Also very fond of hair bows, such as those made by cast-member Tessa Netting, we wanted to do a hair bow. This was our first time printing such an item.

    The predominantly male merch team had an interesting time researching hair bows at Forever 21, The Icing, and other similar establishments

    We wanted an accessory that seemed straight out of a James Bond movie, and were able to find this pen which we decorated with the show logo.

    It's a SAF Pen!

    It's also a USB Drive!

    Wait, there's more, it also has a laser!

    A theme in the musical is Curt Mega's battle with alcohol, which inspired a few drinking accessories

    Spies Are Forever Shot Glasses

    We went with a professional boxing and accessory kit to give the flask high end appeal

    "It's Actually A Gun" is a joke from the musical

    For the hoodie, we wanted to do a twist on the classic gun barrel sequence, with Curt Mega in a humorous pose. Finally, we put the show artwork onto a light blue t-shirt as well.

    The back features curt in the gun barrel

    For the front, we have the show wordmark

    A super soft t-shirt with show artwork

    Spies are forever is showing through April 3rd, 2016. For complete details on how to see the show, visit Thanks to Joey Richter and Corey Lubowich for providing the merchandise photos.

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  • How to Order A Shirt: Part 3 - What's in a T-shirt?

    By: Nate,

    about 2 months

    Last time we explored the fit of the shirt. We gave you a couple of pointers on how to pick the right shirt for your group. In this blog we are going to talk about the fabric of the shirt. The fabric will determine how the shirt feels, looks, and wears. Here are a few features that will affect how you experience your new apparel..

    Pre-shrunk vs. not pre-shrunk

    This is important to consider with sizing. For shirts that are not pre-shrunk, a good rule of thumb is to order a size larger than you normally wear. Brands like Gildan and Canvas come pre-shrunk. Other brands like Hanes and American Apparel are not pre-shrunk. Your Sales Rep will be able to tell you which shirts are pre-shrunk.

    Ring spun cotton vs. Jersey-knit cotton

    Ring spun cotton is softer than jersey t-shirts, and is typically used on fashionable brands like American Apparel or Canvas. Jersey-knit cotton is found in basic, traditional cut t-shirts. Common giveaway shirts like Gildan and Fruit of the Loom are typically 100% cotton and jersey-knit. Ring spun is a great way to make your shirts stand out from more common shirts.

    Polyester, Rayon, and Spandex

    Polyester is almost always the second fabric in 50/50 blends (cotton is the first). Polyester makes the shirt lighter and wick away moisture. 50/50’s tend to be priced about the same as similar styles that are 100% cotton. Some people prefer one over the other. Rayon, also known as Viscose, is the third fabric in a tri-blend (along with cotton and polyester.) Rayon allows for a shirt to feel even lighter weight, softer than a 50/50, and makes the shirt stretchier. Spandex, also known as Lycra, isn’t nearly as common as the others but is sometimes used as a third fabric to make the shirt stretch more.

    Tri-blends are one of the most comfortable fabrics. Here are the reasons to choose 100% cotton over a tri-blend

    • Price - Tri-blends are more expensive.
    • Look - They are heathered and look more casual, and a more professional look is needed.
    • You are going somewhere that has the possibility of bursting into flames (more on that in the T-shirts with Superpowers blog.)

    There are even more types of fabrics, such as Pima, Interlock, Jacquard, and Oxford. I hope that this has given you a good overview of the differences of the more common fabrics. Someday, we’ll discuss some of the finer points of specific fabrics.

    In How to Order a Shirt part four, “When a T-shirt Isn’t Enough,” we’ll tackle garment types like hoodies and oxfords. After that, we’ll talk about Shirts with Super Powers like fire retardance and why an irrational fear of wearing polyester on planes is not irrational.

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  • How to Order A Shirt: Part 2 - Fit To Be Worn

    By: Nate,

    2 months

    In our last blog about ordering t-shirts, we talked about the various types of decoration available and how to decide between them. We also alluded to the garment playing some part in the decoration decision. In this blog, we explore how different shirts fit and what you need to look for.

    There is a huge variety of apparel types. T-shirts alone come in hundreds of different models. They are first separated by fit.

    This refers to how the shirt is shaped and sits on the body. Fit can vary from curving inward on the sides like the Seventies Jersey Burnout V-neck (in beige) to hanging straight down on the sides like the American Made Unisex Heavyweight Cotton Tee (in gray.)

    If you are ordering for a sorority, you’ll go with the fitted shirt. If you are ordering for a group of people you haven’t met, that care about domestically grown and stitched cotton, you’ll order the American Made Heavyweight Tee.

    This is also important for knowing what sizes you need. Most people will know their size in traditional cut shirts because they have the same fit as brands they know (eg: Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, etc.) However, they won’t immediately know that they are actually an XL in American Apparel Ladies’ Premium Fitted T-shirt when they normally wear a small.

    To help you with this, we will gladly provide you with sizing charts if you let us know what you are interested in. Some styles will shrink and some will not. Some brands are consistent, and some seem to completely disregard their own sizing. There is nothing like trying the shirt on to determine your size. We offer size samples for you to try on in our stores. We can also ship samples to you for a small deposit.

    This article talks about how inconsistent sizing is within a brand. After reading it, you may want to order an extra or two for each size. That way you will be covered if your friends gave you their size for Alternative or for L.L. Bean. Getting a couple extras might even push you to a new price tier. We’ll tackle price tiers in a bit. Before that we have to talk about the material of the shirt. We’ll post about that in a few days.

    Before you come in, think about the following:

    What do you want to make?

    How many people are your ordering for? Do you know your sizes?

    General Things

    How many pieces? How will you collect them?

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  • How to Order A Shirt: Part 1 - The Decoration Decision

    By: Nate,

    2 months

    Ordering apparel for the first time can be daunting. You are forced to confront some of life’s toughest questions. What kind of decoration should I get? When do I need to place my order? What exactly is slub cotton?

    This is the first of a 99 part guide that will prepare you to order awesome apparel for your group, and answer burning questions like:

    • What decoration do you want?
    • Garment style (Do you want a t-shirt? How about a hoody? Is a polo more appropriate? Does it need to be fireproof? Waterproof? Dog proof?)
    • What else affects my price?


    We offer a variety of decorations including: screen printing, direct-to-garment, embroidery, applique, and unique names and numbers. Each of these has its own strengths and weaknesses.

    Screen printing

    Sometimes referred to as “screening” or “silkscreening”, screen printing has the best pricing for large orders. This method is priced per color, so more complex designs lead to higher pricing. Ordering in larger volumes can offset this.

    A Screen Printed Garment that uses halftoning

    A Screen Printed Garment with 'spot printing'


    This method offers the best pricing for small orders with a large amount of colors. The one drawback to direct-to-garment printing is that there are garment color restrictions, and garments must be all cotton.

    A Direct-to-Garment Imprint on a dark shirt

    A Direct-to-Garment Imprint on a light shirt


    This is ideal for formal and professional attire. There is no per color charge, but the more stitches you get, the more expensive the decoration will become. Keep in mind that embroidery also comes with a one time digitization fee.

    Many hats are embroidered

    Raised Embroidery is also an option that adds depth to the stitch on hats


    Most commonly used for Greek letters, applique allows you to embroider a large design without paying for tens of thousands of stitches. It also makes it feasible to get just a few pieces with your chapter letters without breaking the bank. Applique is also used for hockey jerseys.

    An Applique Print of the company logo

    Greek Letter Sweatshirts are Applique

    Unique Names/Numbers

    This is your best option if you need jerseys with unique names and numbers for each member of your team. Designs for these are usually one color.

    A Hockey Jersey with a custom name and number

    Now that we have discussed the “how,” what would you like on your new shirts? Here’s a few recommendations from our sales and art teams:

    • Decide if you will provide the art or if we will create it from scratch. For smaller orders, (under 24 pieces) you will get the best pricing if you use our online design studio. Here you can browse our huge library of existing art, and spend as much time as you want making your shirt just right!
    • If you have art files, get them to us! The best way for us to put your art on t-shirts is if you give us your art. Most organizations that have a Marketing Specialist who has style guides and vector art. Those two things make our lives easier, and make it possible to get you the best quality prints while keeping illustration charges to a minimum.
    • Don’t worry about your design being too simple. A simply-designed logo on a t-shirt looks better, costs you less, reads better, and helps your people shine while wearing it.
    • Some garments and decorations don’t work with each other. Your salesperson will be able to help you with this to save some time up front.

    I hope this gets you started on picking art for your custom apparel. When in doubt, ask your group. While ordering t-shirts may not be why you signed up, t-shirts are exactly what we handle all day. We are happy to answer any questions you might have. You can reach us via, chat, phone, email, walk in (here or here), fax, or letter. Still wondering which style shirt to get? Stay tuned next week for part two in “How to Order a T-shirt” where you’ll learn the difference between various styles, fits, and materials.

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  • Summer 2013: Prepping for the Darren Criss Tour

    By: Jerry,

    over 2 years

    One of the most fun things that we get to do as a company is provide merchandise for the entertainment industry.

    This past summer, we got to print and go on tour with Darren Criss of GLEE / Team Starkid and his band, providing top notch Made-in-Ann-Arbor merchandise for fans across the USA and Canada. Here’s a little footage we made of the process!

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