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  • Serigraphy: Screenprinting Gets Classy

    By: Rachel T,

    over 3 years

    As discussed in our previous blog, Ready for the Closeup: Photographic Screens, screen printing was a major industry by the 1930’s. In 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt created, as part of the New Deal, the Work Projects Administration (WPA). He created the WPA to help employ Americans during the Great Depression. In fact, the WPA became one of the first U.S. Government programs to support the arts. Many workers screen printed screen the WPA's very own posters and signs. However, some screen printers desired to distance artistic printing from its' industrial process roots. So, they renamed screen printing the more hoity-toity sounding “Serigraphy”.


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  • Ann Arbor Tees Goes ‘Merica for the Season

    By: Ricky,

    almost 8 years

    We’ve launched a section of our retail store devoted to Patriotic Tees! The shirts range from patriotic and local, such as our Michigan State Flag Tee, to silly, such as our Epic 'Merica American Pride 4th of July Party


    Tags: #america, #merica, #retail
  • Tees for the Troops @ Rammstein Airbase, Germany

    By: Lizz,

    about 8 years

    It was our recent pleasure to print shirts for the Barbarossa Chapter of the Logistics Officers’ Association @ the Rammstein Airbase in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.

    They were kind enough to send a pic back of some of the troops wearing their shirts.

    Rammstein Airbase t-shirt Request Pricing

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  • Independence Day Shirt for the Troops

    By: Lizz,

    over 9 years

    We recently had the honor of printing 1500 shirts for an Independence Day festival hosted by Michigan’s 345th RSG in Kandahar, Afghanistan. We got the order a week ahead of time, whipped up a design, printed it over night, gave it to the USAF, and crossed our fingers – it made it around the world in four days, and right in time for the big day.


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