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  • How to make a completely custom hat from the ground up

    By: Stefan,

    almost 5 years

    Most of the time, clients looking for custom hats are simply looking to put embroidery onto an existing hat. Financially, this makes the most sense for most budgets, and from a design standpoint, this is usually more than adequate. We’ve got a wide range of hats from 5 panel snapbacks to classic low profile golfing mainstays.


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  • Jenny Craig Race Shirts

    By: Lizz,

    over 10 years

    We were recently asked to print up some race shirts for Jenny Craig’s Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Christopher. They were nice enough to send us a picture of him with Nicole Sullivan of MAD TV, which we in turn thought was cool enough to post to our blog!

    Jenny Craig race shirts Request Pricing

    Tags: #charity, #local, #custom
  • Two New Charities: Girls in Planes, Boys on Bikes

    By: Jerry,

    almost 11 years

    As a t-shirt company, we get a lot of requests for favors by non-profits. We help whenever possible – and want to give a quick shout out to two of our favorites that we’ve donated to this month.

    Tags: #community, #local, #custom, #small business, #charity
  • Know Your Shirt: What Does a Shirt’s Weight Have to Do with Its Quality?

    By: Jerry,

    almost 11 years

    T-shirts aren’t rocket science, but there is a wide array of options available on the market, and anyone who has spent a minute looking at a screen printer’s catalog knows how overwhelming it can be. Fortunately, knowing a few key attributes can help determine whether your next one finds its way into the Goodwill bin or the bottom of the laundry basket. This post will focus on fabric weight and fiber (the material that makes up the threads). Odds are, you already have a favorite weight and fiber determining which shirts you reach for in the morning, even if you don’t know it!


    Tags: #custom, #learn about printing
  • Meet a Client: Gillian and the 80s Birthday Barcrawl!

    By: Jerry,

    about 11 years

    One of the most common questions we get from prospective client is "do you guys do art?" This question is usually asked in hope and fear – hope that we’ll say "yes we do!" and fear that we are going to charge an arm and a leg for it and end up delivering some crummy clip art we hobbled together. Well fear not! Not only are we happy to produce art for you, we rarely charge for it (and will always get your permission before doing so) and are just as concerned about how it looks as you are. We are proud of our work, and we don’t like attaching our names to bad looking clothes!


    Tags: #barcrawl, #client, #custom
  • Meet a Client: Nicole and the Power Ranger Parade

    By: Jerry,

    over 11 years

    Nicole approached us last Halloween with an interesting proposition: she and her friends wanted to go out as the Power Rangers, but couldn’t get any costumes that weren’t intended for seven year olds a decade ago.

    The costume was going to be extremely expensive to screen print: each shirt was a different color print, there was a full color belt and phaser gun, and they were only purchasing five of them! If we were simply traditional screen printers, this would have run something like $60 per shirt.


    Tags: #costume, #custom, #halloween