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  • What is Embroidery?

    By: Rachel T,

    over 3 years

    What’s the Stitch?

    Plain Boring Tee

    Branded Apparel

    Embroidery is the process of decorating fabric or other materials with a needle and thread. Both human hands and machines can do this. While embroidering by hand may add a personal touch, our need for speed drives us to use embroidery machines. Our machines can embroider between 700-950 stitches per minute. The machines also have 15 needle heads that allow for 15 different customized colors of thread. This means we can offer embroidery with a ton of colors and provide it in one week.


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  • What is Applique?

    By: Rachel T,

    over 3 years

    Every Kiss Begins with Applique!

    Applique can make any garment stand out among the hordes of plain boring garments.

    If that picture wasn’t convincing enough, read on to discover why applique may be the right choice for you.

    Applique? Sounds fancy...

    The word "appliqué" derives from the French verb "appliquer," meaning "to put on." Applique is a sewing technique that involves stitching a small piece of fabric onto a larger one to make a pattern or design. We start by stitching the piece of applique to the shirt in the shape of your design. Then, a laser cuts where the design was stitched so we can remove the excess material around the outline.


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  • Custom Hockey Jerseys: The Stylish Team Will Always Win!

    By: Jack,

    almost 5 years

    Have you ever wondered why the Mighty Ducks were so terrible at the beginning of the first movie? I have, and I believe that I know the answer. They sucked because they had awful jerseys.They were a bunch of mismatched cake eaters. It’s no coincidence that the Ducks went from last place in district 5 to first place immediately after they got bitchin’ team jerseys. What I learned watching that movie, is that hockey is less about puck control and skating skills and more about wearing matching jerseys and socks.


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