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  • How to Order a Shirt: Part 7/99 - Online Group Ordering - The easy way to order shirts for your group

    By: Nate,

    over 4 years

    Remember what a hassle it was when you ordered shirts for your office staff/baseball team/fraternity/insert your organization here? First you had to get everyone’s sizes and choice of shirt style, which took forever, especially when that one guy couldn’t make up his mind whether he wanted a long sleeve or short sleeve tee. Then the worst part - collecting the money! Several members of your organization conveniently “forgot” to bring you their money by the deadline, so you had to push back the order until they finally “remembered”. And finally, the shirts arrived, but you spent another hour of your precious time handing them out. Who knew ordering t-shirts could be so exhausting?


    Tags: #how to order a shirt, #group ordering, #custom apparel